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STACK OF GREAT STUFF for Public/Private Housing Agencies

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MARCH 2011 - REAC's NEW Interim RULE for PHAS 

EFFECTIVE MARCH 25, 2011 FOR FYE MARCH 31 2011 PHA's and forward.....LOTS of Changes




SEPTEMBER 2010 - REAC's Clarification of FAQ's 

An email sent on September 10, 2010 to all REAC Inspectors clarifying issues involving Lighting, Non-Selected Building Health and Safety Issues, Room Egress, Window Deficiencies, Call for Aid Devices and Electrical Hazards.

This is effective: IMMEDIATELY.

MARCH 2011 - REAC's Strategic Plan for 2011 - 2015

This is the new vision that is REAC with respect to the future of PHAS, Section 8 HCV, SEMAP etc




SEPTEMBER 2010 - REAC's Inspector Guidance on Bedbug Infestation Inspector Notice 2010-01 Establishes REAC inspector requirements, they must now ask properties and record the presence of bedbugs and in which units specifically and will not enter units that are reported as infested by bedbugs and will record them as an Other Hazard (NON Scoring Impact) This is effective September 13, 2010.


JULY-2010 - EPA/HUD Joint Training Program on Lead Paint  This is the entire training program (zip file) with the EPA RRP (Renovation and Repair Program) and HUD's Lead Save Housing Rule (LSHR), training manuals, instructor manuals, power points and all appendixes. This is effective APRIL 22, 2010.


MAY 2009 - REAC's New Guidance on Stove/Oven Testing during a REAC Inspection  REAC has issued guidance EFFECTIVE JULY 20, 2009 That inspectors will no longer operate stoves and ovens but will require the property management to do it during the inspection in thier presence. .


MAY 2009 - REAC's NEW Guidance on Inspecting Electrical Boxes  This is the LATEST interpretation from REAC and guidance to REAC Inspectors who have been erroneously recording properly secured electrical boxes as Health and Safety Issues. Good Information.


MAR 2009 - REAC's New Requirement for REAC inspectors to have and maintain insurance REAC has issued guidance EFFECTIVE June 1st 2009 That inspectors must now carry general liability insurance in the amounts of 1 million per occurance and 2 mil per aggregate. While silent on whether or not you can require them to name you additional insured. I recommend that you follow your corporate policies and do what is necessary to properly protect your interests.


JAN 2008 - REAC's NEW Complilation Bulletin  This is the LATEST and Greatest of REAC "Interpretation" and "Wisdom" for guidance for Inspectors conducting REAC Inspections, It REPLACES all previous guidance written or distributed by REAC.


SEPT 2007 - E-MAIL Sent to REAC Inspectors on September 20, 2007 warning on using coercion when scheduling REAC inspections  This email advises all REAC Inspectors that they must NEGOTIATE the date and time of the REAC Property Inspection with your agency and do try an coerce or "strong arm" is a violation of professional conduct


MARCH 2007 - HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR PHA Physical Condition Score from the Individual Property Scores This is for public housing authorities wishing to see how REAC calculates thier PHAS Physical Condition score (Viewable Document only) Get the full version of HOW TO PREPARE FOR A REAC INSPECTION by clicking the phrase.

FEBRUARY 2007 - E-Mail Response From REAC The Issue with DISCONNECTED UTILITIES NOW BEING INSPECTED CONTINUES....I am attaching 3 emails, the first asks for an explanation for the sudden change, the second is a response from the Director of REAC explaining the reason for the change and the third is a plea for reconsideration and the reasons why.


FEBRUARY 2007 - Ms. Hansen's Final Response  The Director of REAC responds to the previous e-mail I sent begging for reconsideration. BOTTOM LINE IS HOUSING ORGANIZATIONS WILL BE PENALIZED FOR DISCONNECTED UTILITIES REGARDLESS OF THE REASON




FEBRUARY 2007 - Inspector Notice 2007-01 DISCONNECTED UTILITIES IN OCCUPIED UNITS SELECTED FOR INSPECTION. As of February 1st, 2007 Inspectors MUST now inspect units that are occupied and selected for inspection EVEN though they have not paid their energy bill and the utilities are turned off...... click on the colored area for the full notice from REAC.

FEBRUARY 2007 - OUTSOURCING YOUR MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT - WHITE PAPER For PHA's considering this option be very careful to consider the issues in this paper.



October 2006 - Post Office Verification Form This is the form provided by Ms. Kate O'Connor from the Town of Mansfield Housing Authority for a request to the USPS for address verification. It is in basic RTF format that you can modify with most word processing programs.


July 2006 - FCC Fact Sheet on Satellite Dishes This is the Over the Air Reception Devices RULE - Preemption of Restrictions on Placement of Direct Broadcast Satellite, Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service and TV Broadcast Antennas. 



June 2006 - Puerto Rico Gets Special Allowances on REAC Inspections From HUD This is a copy of the REAC agreed to waiver of REAC protocols that most of the PHAs have to follow (except NYC listed below) the PRHA gets advance notice of which units will be inspected among other things.



April 2005 - HUD IG letter Sample This sample letter used to protest and seeks interpretation of HUDs possible violation of 1998 QHWRA and Part 902 CFR by not utilizing 3rd party independent inspectors to conduct REAC inspections but using PIH-REAC Personnel,

January 2005 - PIH Notice 2005-4 Exigent Health and Safety Deficiency Correction Certification - New Reporting Procedures This notice describes the new electronic exigent health & safety (EHS) system for PHA's it is in effect immediately




January 2004 - Sample Operations & Maintenance Plan for Mold and Moisture Control in Public Housing This plan is an adobe acrobat viewable document to review, it includes an adaptable PHA maintenance plan ready for board review and adoption, sample maintenance work order procedures and inspection forms as well as procedures for remediation. There is also a Resident Lease Addendum, resident tip sheet and resident follow up letter (after mold cleanup) In addition there is a full glossary and valuable internet links.





February 9, 2004 - PIH-REAC's latest guidance on  PHAS -Guidance on the Appeals Process Provides some clarification to the appeals process for PUBLIC HOUSING AUTHORITIES and clears up some items that are not clear.



November 7 & 17, 2003 - PIH-REAC's latest COMPLIATION BULLETIN CHANGES The changes to the changes to the changes to UPCS regarding the    interpretations of the Compliation bulletin originally issued August 26, 2003. This one involves Lighting and double keyed locks to mention only a few.




November 5, 2003 - New York City Housing Authority Special Protocol from REAC - NYCHA - PROTOCOL  the unconfirmed document obtained through several confidential sources and denied by REAC, showing how NYCHA has been recently receiving special treatment by REAC compared to other PHA's


September 2003 - REAC Interpretations on Questions from the August 2002 Compilation bulletin and other circumstances. These are texts of e-mails regarding interpretations of queries made by Mr. Morosco of REAC (non-print version only)


August 26, 2002 - Compilation Bulletin - With Commentary the controversial document published by REAC which makes changes to the officially published federal register notices. Additionally there is commentary and interpretations by PIH-REAC.


April 15, 2002 - REAC Inspector Business Rules  These are the REAC Inspector Business rules and performance criteria for all REAC Inspectors. 


September 2002 - Exighent Health & Safety Reply form for PHA's this form is designed for PHA's to reply to HUD that H & S issues discovered by a REAC Inspector have been corrected. 


October 1, 2001- MASS Guidebook for Public Housing  Instruction Guidebook for completing PHAS Management  Operations Certification Form Assessment HUD-50072


March 2002 - Quick Overview of UPCS Scoring Process  Document published by REAC to try and demonstrate how they score inspections


January 11, 2000- PHAS Second Final Rule for Public Housing this is the second final rule that establishes additional requirements for the UPCS System.


March 1, 2000 -- PIH-REAC offical training manual Instruction book for REAC Inspectors utilized in REAC Certification Training.


September 1, 1998 - PHAS Initial Final Rule for Public Housing this is the first final rule that establishes the requirements for the UPCS system.




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