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Housing Quality Standards (HQS)

Distance - Online 

Certification Training

Nationally Conducted and Recognized

Started in 2006 over 850 certified and active

·       Looking to get certified for HQS inspection standards?

·       Need training quick?

·       Need training that is cost effective?

·       Want to get caught up fast?

Then you NEED to Register for the Distance Learning Program for Housing Quality Standards Training on the:

U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development’s

Federal Housing Quality Standards


Benefits of Distance Learning with us

·        Proceed at your own pace within a 60 day period (complete in as little as a week)

·        Instructor/Coaching advice available via e-mail/online

·        Save $$ in travel and lodging costs

·        Earn the SAME certification as those high priced expensive classes in the fancy hotels.

·        1 year unlimited access to the instructor after successful completion of training.

SO what do I do?

1.  Complete the registration form and fax along with signed Code of Ethics document.

2.  Pay Registration Fee (or make payment arrangements) Once Accepted a Manual will be emailed to

     you for self study.


There are two examinations

    FIRST       A 109 Question Multiple Choice on General Maintenance Knowledge. This is not in the

                     manual and you may utilize the internet and other sources to seek answers to the questions.

                     (the purpose of the test is to evaluate and qualify your ability to conduct research and learn

                     in this environment.) Passing score is 75.

    SECOND  A 50 Question Multiple Choice on HQS Knowledge, This exam is based upon the manual

                     it is open book and you take it on the honor system without the assistance of others.

                     Passing Score is 80.


3. You have 30 calendar days to complete the course and test (extensions may be granted dependent

    upon circumstances.

4. You must pass BOTH tests to achieve certification.

5. You will be allowed a second attempt to retake a failed test. If you fail the second attempt on either test, a 3 month  

    minimum waiting period and you must re-register again for the course.


Certificates and Letters of Training emailed within several days after successfully passing both tests.

How much does it cost?

1.  The entire program costs $350.00 payable at this time by check, money order or bank check.




                     HOUSING QUALITY STANDARDS INSPECTION FORM                           

                                    (HUD FORM 52580) CLICK HERE                                         



Training Covers the following Topics

~ Description & Purpose of HQS, What is expected by HUD, The five types of HQS Inspections

   The HUD Inspection Checklist, How to inspect a unit using the checklist, The requirements of the inspector

~ Developing Local Standards, Inspection Requirements, What standard should I perform my own

    inspections to?  Acceptability Criteria and Exceptions to HQS

~ The HQS Standard  

    Sanitary Facilities                               Food Preparation and Refuse Disposal

    Space and Security                           Thermal Environment

    Illumination and Electricity              Structure and Materials

    Indoor Air Quality                               Water Supply

    Lead Based Paint                              Access

    Site & Neighborhood                        Sanitary Conditions

    Congregate Housing                        Independent Group Residences

    Manufactured Homes                       Single Room Occupancies (SRO)

    Shared Housing                                 Living Room

    Kitchens                                               Bathrooms

    Habitable Rooms and Hallways    Other Rooms

    Building Exterior                                Pipe & Heating Systems

    General Health & Safety

~ Lead Based Paint Regulations as they relate to HQS

~ Documentation and Administration


For More Information contact Bernard J. Morosco at or (315) 794-0825



                             PIH Notice 2010-10 Issued March 31st, 2010                               






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